Tiny Techies program provides an exciting and innovative way of teaching preschoolers engineering, math, science, art, and coding skills

With the growing economy in technology and high demands in STEAM fields, we recognize that it is essential for students to start learning and using technology at an early age (4-7). This program will prepare students to follow instructions in a classroom setting. They will develop skills in critical and computational thinking, all while having fun in a warm and caring environment. Students will engage in a group-like environment, while working on projects together to challenge other classmates. They will learn critical team building skills and play an important role in the development of creating and programming their very own robot.


Go on adventures with Cubetto by programming him through all of its obstacles. Combine different colors to give it commands to complete all of the challenges.

Lego Boost

Build, Code, and Play! Complete task by building a robot and performing the required tasks to unlock more tasks and building instructions for four other robots.


Learn how to create a 3D object while learning shapes and colors using Tinkercad. Learn to identify which polygons make up objects.

Intro to Computers

Learn how to use a mouse and keyboard to learn basic typing and navigating skills. Use links below to explore more.

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