Raman Khurana

Raman Khurana is the President/CEO of PerfOpt Technologies Inc., a multi-national education technology company, which is headquartered in Goodyear, AZ and has branch offices in India and Europe. With more than 20 years of experience in technology and executive management, Raman Khurana guides the company in developing software to further introduce disruptive technologies of the 21st century. Under his leadership, PerfOpt is on the path to become an industry front-runner in developing education and training applications using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and other immersive technologies. In addition to the software development, Raman Khurana has launched the “Immersive Teaching STEAM Academy (ITSA)”, a first-of-its-kind enrichment program offering technology program training using project-based learning. The academy offers courses in Robotics, 3D Technologies (3D Scanning/3D Modeling/3D Printing), Game Design, VR Design, and Coding, to name a few. ITSA’s mission is to help K-12 and college students develop cutting-edge skills, to prepare them for the upcoming careers in the technology field. Raman Khurana is also the Program Director of Not Hungry Tonight (NHT), a humanitarian program that distributes consumption ready, prepared meals (both hot and cold), to low income senior centers and after school programs. NHT has distributed over 100,000 meals in the past two years. The program is making a significant impact in the economically disadvantaged communities of the south-west valley of Phoenix metro area.

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