What do you do at ITSA? Why do you like it?

My primary role is a Programmer for PerfOpt Technologies. My experience so far has been really interesting. I learnt a lot about the different fields PerfOpt is involved in and a lot more to learn about. I see a great potential of the company as it is involved with so many different advancing fields and technologies. In simple words, all the people who work here are like a family. And I like this family.    

Fun Facts

Favorite dessert or candy? Anything chocolate Favorite show or movie? Indiana Jones series and The Mummy returns What’s your favorite thing to do with your family? We love to sit together and watch movies. Also we travel a lot and explore a lot of new places all around tthe world. Do you have any hobbies? Traveling, hiking and any outdoor activity excites me.  What favorite singer, band or song do you like? I follow a lot of different language songs like English, Hindi, Telugu, Korean,Chinese etc. So its super hard to say one favorite. Any pets? No Anything funny, unusual or unique about you? I have weirdly shaped fingers

Other Members