What do you do at ITSA? Why do you like it?

My primary role here is a 3D Modeler. So far, I’ve really enjoyed being here, the atmosphere is very warm and friendly. I enjoy being able to work alongside a group of nice and talented people.

Fun Facts

Favorite dessert or candy? I love skillet cookies with vanilla ice cream on top! Favorite show or movie? My favorite movie would have to be The Prince of Egypt. What’s your favorite thing to do with your family? My favorite thing to do with my family would probably be watching movies or TV shows together. Do you have any hobbies? My hobbies include playing video games, drawing and napping. What favorite singer, band or song do you like? One of my favorite music producers/DJs would be Marshmello. Any pets? Unfortunately, no.  Although, I love my friend’s cat, Cloud. Anything funny, unusual or unique about you? I love cats and they’re one of my favorite animals but I am also slightly allergic to them.

Other Members