The Girls in Technology movement is continuing to grow all around the U.S., and ITSA is here to join the cause. There are currently less than 25% of women in STEM careers in the U.S., and that in itself is shocking. ITSA believes that by fixing this gender imbalance in the economy, the world will be a better place for men and women alike.

ITSA has launched a “Girls In Technology” program, to encourage more girls to pursue technology careers. Our mission is to conduct all-girl projects/camps, that allow girls to get introduced to new technologies as well as complete different challenges in a relaxed/collaborative environment.

Call To Action

The Glendale Star featured our Girls in Technology Boot Camp where 10 middle school girls were selected by Glendale Landmark Middle School to learn how to construct prosthetic hands using 3D printed technology! The 3D printed prosthetic hands are for the eNable Community Foundation, which is a volunteer-based organization that provides open-source prosthetics hand designs to be downloaded and 3D printed for those in need.