ITSA School is a technology-focused flexible day school.  We are inclusive of all learners. Students take coursework that meets the Arizona graduation requirements while learning technology workforce skills.

Blended Learning

We pair online curriculum with teacher-led instruction. Students engage 1:1 with online educators and collaborate in teams when possible.

  • Technology Elective:  Industry professionals facilitate learning with hands-on, practical experiences.  Students obtain foundational knowledge in coding, computing systems,  and technology-related ethics while enjoying fun projects in robotics, digital arts (we put the A in STEAM), 3D technologies, game development, virtual reality, and web design. Preparation to enter STEM career pathways is a key goal for ITSA.
  • Core Classes: We aim for personalized learning experiences where students are encouraged to strive above their traditional grade coursework. Math, Science, English, and Social studies are scheduled daily and delivered in an online learning environment which combines direct-instruction videos featuring expert, remote teachers.

Project Based Learning

Hands-on learning where students often work together to develop solutions to real-world problems. As students journey through the unit, they experience the joy of learning and the satisfaction of taking a concept to completion. Project-based learning fosters 21st Century Skills such as:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Deep learning through do-overs
  • Technology aptitude
  • Teamwork
  • Real-world exposure

Personalized Learning Plans

The parent, student and ITSA School staff prepare learning targets for each quarter with the intention to satisfy Arizona graduation requirements. Families have the option to complete coursework within a 12-month schedule.

Core Curriculum (Online Instruction)

  • Students learn Math, Science, English, and Social Studies from online teacher
  • Curriculum taught by certified educators and satisfies Arizona graduation requirements.
  • Parents have direct access to the student portal and can sign up for progress reports.
  • Students work at their own pace according to their personalized learning plan

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