This is an introductory course to Tinkercad and three-dimensional computer aided design. The objective will be to gain an overview and understanding of how three dimensional objects are designed and developed on a 3D modeling software. Students will be given themed challenges to complete for practices in implementation and design of 3D objects.

Pre-requisite: 3DT101
Tinkercad II builds on the skills acquired in Tinkercad I. This course introduces the fundamentals of structure in modeling and will focus on the implementation and structure aspect of the modeling. Students will also be given advanced themed challenges to practice their skills.

Pre-requisite: 3DM101
This is an introductory course to three-dimensional CAD using Blender, an open source 3D creation suite. Students will gain an overview of Blender as well as explore and create 3D models, textures with animation implementation.

Pre-requisite: 3DT201
Blender II builds on the skills acquired in Blender I. In this course, students will apply the skills obtained and further the applications of 3D modeling. This course will go into depth of how 3D models are designed using Blender, 3D scans are exported from Skanect, manipulated using Blender, and 3D printed as a prototype for application using Cura. Students will develop the skills needed to design, develop, evaluate, and prototype real-life application in engineering to complete a project.

Pre-requisite: 3DM201